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Payne relies on generous grants and donations to help underwrite the costs of training for teachers. Here are some of this year's supporters:

  • Sarkeys Foundation
  • Kirkpatrick Family Fund
  • Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma
  • The Merrick Foundation
  • Oklahoma State Department of Education
  • The Oklahoman/Anschutz Foundation
  • Pi Beta Phi Foundation
  • Robert Glenn Rapp Foundation
  • Inasmuch Foundation

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"Since I have learned the science behind and underneath our words, I will be able to take the guess work and frustration out of teaching my children to read."

Janet | Tuttle

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Payne Education Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that was founded in 1984 to create reading success in children with dyslexia, and other language learning reading difficulties. Payne provides evidence-based, multisensory reading professional development to classroom teachers, reading therapists, and tutors.  Payne also supplies information and resources regarding dyslexia and other specific learning disabilities to educators, parents and other interested parties.


Our Mission

Payne Education Center trains teachers to prevent reading difficulties in children and to remediate dyslexia, while serving as a resource and referral center. 

The Need

  • According to the National Institutes of Health, at least one in five U.S. citizens experience difficulties learning to read.

  • According to the Oklahoma State Department of Education, in 2014, 70% of Oklahoma public school fourth-graders lacked proficiency in reading.

  • One in eight children who is behind in reading at the end of first grade will never catch up.

  • 90% of at-risk children for reading success can overcome their reading difficulties if they receive comprehensive intervention by the third grade.

How Payne Meets the Need

  • Payne Education Center instructors train teachers in the science of how to teach reading by providing structured, multisensory, language learning strategies for teachers to use in the classroom. These evidence-based strategies are effective for teaching all students to read but is a reading learning necessity for learners with dyslexia. 

  • Payne Education Center connects parents, family members, and the general community with resources to help their children and loved ones by identifying testing centers, reading intervention services, and support groups. 

  • Payne Education Center invites to Oklahoma influential dyslexia experts in research to educate our community on best practices, new teaching methods, and dyslexia advocacy.

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