Structured Multisensory Language Foundations- Introductory

Monday, July 8th, 2019 – Thursday, July 18th, 2019


A Comprehensive Reading Intervention for Struggling Readers and those with Dyslexia

Introductory Structured Multisensory Language Foundations (ISMLF) is the first year of a two-year therapist certification training, which enables skilled educators to use multisensory reading techniques to teach the basic language skills of reading, writing, and spelling.  SMLF is based on the Alphabetic Phonics approach and utilizes the Take Flight: A Comprehensive Intervention for Students with Dyslexia program developed at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital, plus Payne materials.  SMLF has a high success rate in remediating language-learning differences, including students with dyslexia.

This training includes the following:

  • 10-Day Summer Training: July 8-12 and 15-18, and August 24, 2019
  • TBD 4 Saturday Seminars: 2 Fall 2019 Semester (Sept. and Nov.) and 2 Spring 2020 Semester (Feb. and Apr.)
  • Alliance Exam: June 2020

The SMLF Objectives and Requirements document outlines all training commitments and requirements trainees must complete to be a part of this program and to become a Certified Academic Language Therapist. 

Unlike other Payne trainings, in order to enroll in SMLF, you must first complete an application process and be approved. 

For questions, please contact Caroline.




10404 Vineyard Blvd., Suite A, Oklahoma City, OK 73120

Course Time

8:00 am


This training requires you to agree and commit to completing all days of training. You must complete all applicable fields of your user profile prior to registration, or this will delay your screening and approval process.

Participants may terminate their registration by giving Payne Education Center at least one week prior written notice. Even with cancellation, participant agrees to pay, in full, a 10% nonrefundable portion of the registration fee, regardless of when the participant terminates the agreement. There will be a 100% training charge for registered participants who do not cancel their registration and do not attend training (no call, no show). Additionally, trainees who receive scholarship/funding, and do not complete training requirements as outlined, will be asked to repay their scholarship.

This registration may be terminated by Payne Education Center at any time and will give participants advance written notice. Predictably, termination is most likely to happen only if too few teachers register for a training, thus impacting the policies for hosting a training. In the event of a Payne cancellation, all registration fees will be refunded.

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