Certified Academic Language Practitioner Preparatory Course

Saturday, October 12th, 2019


This is the training to become a Certified Academic Language Practioner. To participate in this training you must have first completed a separate application process. For more information about this training click here


10404 Vineyard Boulevard, Ste. A, Oklahoma City, OK 73120

Course Time

8:30 am


The Certified Academic Language Practitioner Preparatory Course (CALPPC) is a one-year certification course during which trainees are required to complete the following: 1. Show verification of attending Payne’s Structured Language Basics(SLB) training (35 hours) • SLB is a 35-hour training. CALPPC participants are expected to have the most recent set of SLB curriculum materials and should contact the Payne office if they attended SLB prior to 2014. 2. Three Saturday Seminars (15 hours) • October 12, 2019, January TBD 2020, and March TBD 2020, from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm 3. Clinical Teaching – Six Demonstration Lessons of Competency • Video demonstration lessons will be submitted online using the Sibme platform • Observed and evaluated by a member of the Practitioner Training Staff • One-on-one review with an instructor • Must submit lesson plan, teaching hours report, and comments/questions with each demonstration lesson 4. Supervised Teaching – Complete 60 Practicum Hours of Teaching Experience • Time spent in direct instruction with students in a classroom or small group • Each lesson consists of a minimum of 40 minutes • Lessons occur a minimum of twice per week 5. Certification Exam – To be conducted onsite at Payne Education Center in June 2019 Attendance: Attendance in all days of training is required. This requirement is based on the standards established by the accrediting organization. If you must miss a seminar or training day, you will be responsible for making up the time.

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