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Signs of Dyslexia

Dyslexia,  like many other disorders, is on a spectrum of severity, and therefore it affects some people more than others. Not everyone with dyslexia will exhibit the same symptoms as the next, which is why it is important to be familiar with all warning signs.

Early Childhood Signs

  • Delayed speech
  • Trouble recognizing the alphabet
  • Difficulty associating a letter with the sound it makes (phonics)
  • Trouble with sequencing, like remembering the order of numbers or days of week
  • Has a smaller vocabulary and struggles to learn new words
  • Trouble completing seemingly simple tasks that contain two or more steps, such as returning one toy to the closet, and others to the toy chest
  • Trouble with rhyming
  • Difficulty blending sounds together to form words, such as connecting M-I-L-K for form milk (phonemic awareness)
  • Struggles to pronounce words as intended, such as "crash tan" instead of "trash can" (phonological processing)
  • Confusion with before/after, left/right, up/down

Grade School Signs

  • Struggles with reading and spelling
  • Difficulty with word retrieval and rapid naming of colors, letters, objects, and sounds
  • Struggles to organize thoughts and find the right words to say in conversation with others
  • Trouble remembering facts, lists, and numbers
  • Difficulty gripping pencil
  • Difficulty understanding concepts and relationships
  • Trouble using proper grammer
  • Trouble sounding out unfamiliar words (decoding)
  • Difficulty following directions
  • Struggles reading aloud 
  • Trouble summarizing stories