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Payne relies on generous grants and donations to help underwrite the costs of training for teachers. Here are some of this year's supporters:

  • E.L. & Thelma Gaylord Foundation
  • Inasmuch Foundation
  • Sarkeys Foundation
  • Kirkpatrick Family Fund
  • Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma
  • The Anschutz Foundation
  • Peggy & Nick Duncan
  • Pi Beta Phi Foundation
  • The Vose Foundation

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"In all my professional experience, I have ever had such a high quality, effective training as Structured Language Basics."
Lindsay | Teacher

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Fourth-Eighth Grades

Morphological Spelling & Vocabulary (MSV) 

A Focus on the Structure, Meaning, and Etymology of English Words

Morphological Spelling and Vocabulary (MSV) is a one-day training focusing on spelling, meaning, and etymology of English words. Targeted for fourth, fifth, and sixth grade teachers, MSV features a scripted curriculum that serves as a starter program for Structured Word Inquiry. MSV focuses on solidifying and extending students’ understanding of bases and affixes and advancing their abilities to read and spell multisyllabic words. Homonyms, homophones, synonyms, antonyms, and multiple meaning words are also addressed during this training. 

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Reading Comprehension (RC)

Get Ready, Connect, and Interact 

Reading Comprehension (RC) is a one-day training for fourth, fifth, and sixth grade teachers to learn techniques to strengthen students’ reading comprehension and retention skills. Learning reading comprehension strategies is made fun and memorable through music, art, drama, objects, and activities. The six strategies addressed during this workshop are: making connections, predicting, asking questions, clarifying, visualizing, and summarizing. Fluency tips and a copy of Six-Way Paragraphs is included with the course. RC encourages the mastering of comprehension strategies away from text before applying them to text. It emphasizes the value and power of a student’s individual experiences in developing a personal and lasting understanding of what is read.

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Power Grammar & Composition (PGC)

Making English Grammar Relevant and Easy

The focus of this one-day scripted curriculum is to teach grammar for the purpose of creating good writers with great comprehension. English syntax is introduced through oral, hands-on activities at the sentence level which are then applied to written text. This methodology fosters long-term retention and application of standard conventions of the English language. Students transition from sentence writing to writing poetry and paragraphs. A special emphasis on the functions of nouns is provided to address the needs of the older elementary student. Student pages are written at two general reading levels – Level A, lower reading level and Level B, higher reading level.

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